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3 women dancing Photo by Levi Guzman on Unsplash
Photo by Levi Guzman on Unsplash

Essential tips for keeping safe when partying abroad

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Whether you’re celebrating a big birthday or simply looking to leave behind the hustle and bustle of daily life, partying abroad is a popular choice. With no work to get up for the next day, partying on holiday is the perfect opportunity to let loose and forget any worries back home. But while exploring the night life of a new city can be fun, it’s important to stay safe by following our essential tips for safety when partying abroad.

Plan ahead and assign roles
Wherever you are going on holiday it’s always important to plan ahead and this is especially true when planning a party trip. Planning ahead, can not only save you a lot of problems and stress later on by making you aware of any potential dangers or areas to avoid, it can also help you come up with some unusual party ideas you might not have thought of. For example, if you’re heading to the Greek Islands, Zante Events offer boat parties and a range of other organised party ideas.

Even if you are opting for packaged parties like these, there is still a lot to organise with any trip. Assigning roles to people in your group will allow you to spread the burden so that one person doesn’t end up being the go-to organiser who has to deal with everything. This way everyone can relax and have the best time.

Keep an eye on your belongings
It goes without saying when we’re at home that we don’t leave valuables lying around. But often once we get in holiday mood, we can let down our guard, leaving ourselves open to theft, loss, and other potential risks. Always be mindful of your belongings and the surroundings. Keep your valuables, such as your passport and phone, in a safe place. Avoid carrying large amounts of cash or wearing expensive jewellery.

Pace your alcohol intake and stay hydrated
When on holiday it can be easy to forgot how long you’ve been partying and overlook the amount of alcohol you are drinking. And it goes without saying that drinking too much alcohol will impair your judgement, making you more vulnerable. Be aware of your surroundings and to avoid becoming a victim of drink spiking, don’t accept drinks from strangers or leave your drink unattended. In hotter weather it is important to stay hydrated. So, remember to drink plenty of water and pace yourself while partying by alternating alcoholic and soft drinks.

Respect the area and its locals
Learning a bit about the place you are visiting ahead of the trip will help you to better understand the culture and people. You might be there to party, but this place is their home so be respectful of any local customs and avoid any behaviour that could be considered disrespectful, or land you in trouble by breaching local laws.

Stay with friends
When partying somewhere new it is important that someone you know has your back and knows where you are. Before going out, make sure you have a plan for getting back to your accommodations safely. Plan ahead by booking a trusted taxi or ride-sharing service, or if walking keep to well-lit areas and stay with your group.

Rest, eat and stay connected

While we don’t want to dampen the party spirit, remember that a holiday is to rest and recharge. It’s important that between parties you make time to rest and don’t throw out all the self care routines you would do at home – that means, eating regularly, getting some sleep, staying hydrated and keeping in touch with friends. If you do this you’ve got all the ingredients for making sure your party trip is a memorable one for all the right reasons.

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Sarah Antonie
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Written by Sarah Antonie