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Kylo Ren’s restored helmet in STAR WARS: EPISODE IX. Lucasfilm Ltd. (c) 2019 ILM and Lucasfilm Ltd.

A Standing Ovation at the Cinema

Sometime in the mid-1970s I, and about 90% of a fair-sized crowd, got to our feet to applaud and then cheer, not a football match or a ‘live’ show, but a film. What’s more, this wasn’t Hollywood or a West End premiere. This was a matinee at the...

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Photo by Jemima Whyles on Unsplash

Caution – Soldiers Crossing

For every small child, the world is like a pile of jigsaw pieces without a picture showing you how the finished job is meant to look. Worse, than that, whenever you think you’re starting to fit a bit of it together, make sense of it, some adult...

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