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Crongton Knights - The Magnificent Six. Photo by Robert Day

Crongton Knights: Review

Crongton Knights is a modern-day quest story akin to The Wizard of Oz but with all the innocence and Hollywood Technicolour removed. It’s based on the second book of the trilogy of YA stories written by Alex Wheatle, MBE. And follows a group of...

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Sophie Wooley Augmented

Augmented: Review

Augmented is an intimate one woman play, written and performed by Sophie Woolley, about her experience of hearing loss during her 20s. Trailer It opens in a near future; Sophie sports a blonde bob and is dressed head-to-toe in silver. As she begins...

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Insane Animals Photo by Drew Forsyth

Insane Animals: Review

One of the best things about seeing a brand-new work, is just that – it’s brand new. And after watching the premiere of Bourgeois and Maurice’s new musical, ‘Insane Animals’ I can tell you, knowing very little about the performance...

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Super Duper Close Up Photo by John Hunter

Super Duper Close Up: Review

Don De Lillo’s mid-80’s novel ‘White Noise’ featured a married couple who were as happy as two people can be. Yet both had a distressing secret neither felt brave enough to share with the other; they were terrified of death. Super Duper...

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Cast of A Monster Calls UK Tour 2020. Photo credit Manuel Harlan.

A Monster Calls: Review

Like the yew tree at its centre, A Monster Calls is a story that twists and turns, with multiple layers of fantasy and reality; its roots stretching deep into the pain of grief. The original idea came from author, Siobhan Dowd who died from breast...

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