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Alicia McKenzie as Mary in Northern Broadsides' production of Quality Street. Photo by Sam Taylor

Quality Street: Review

It’s a little-known fact that Quality Street chocolates – that staple of Christmas in the UK – is named after J.M. Barrie’s play from 1901 (before he wrote Peter Pan). A comical tale of love, identity and misunderstanding set during the Regency...

a little space presented by Gecko and Mind the Gap (photo by Tom Woollard)

A little space: Review

A little space is a delicately ambitious collaboration between production companies Gecko and Mind the Gap. The former explores the use of physical theatre to express motion and emotion, whereas the latter is internationally renowned for championing...

David Julien Thriller Live

Thriller Live: Review

It’s not all about you, Michael – Thriller Live is a fast-paced jukebox affair, bursting with hit after hit. One of the most difficult dilemmas of modern life revolves around the revelation of the ‘dark star’: that is, the discovery that an artist...