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Insane Animals Photo by Drew Forsyth

Insane Animals: Review

One of the best things about seeing a brand-new work, is just that – it’s brand new. And after watching the premiere of Bourgeois and Maurice’s new musical, ‘Insane Animals’ I can tell you, knowing very little about the performance...

Military Wives

Military Wives: Film Review

What do soldiers’ wives get up to when their husbands (or wives) are away on active service? Never fear. “Military Wives” is not a News of the World-style exposé. It’s a heart-warming story based on real life events of how a group of women set out...

Steve Coogan in Greed

Greed: Film Review

E. M. Forster’s famous two-word exhortation, “Only Connect” appears onscreen to top and tail writer/director Michael Winterbottom’s latest work, ‘Greed’. You might want to connect the life story of Winterbottom’s egregiously avaricious...

a little space presented by Gecko and Mind the Gap (photo by Tom Woollard)

A little space: Review

A little space is a delicately ambitious collaboration between production companies Gecko and Mind the Gap. The former explores the use of physical theatre to express motion and emotion, whereas the latter is internationally renowned for championing...