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Blue Beard. Photo credit: Steve Tanner

Blue Beard: Review

In the Convent of the Three F’s, Mother Superior (Katy Owen) runs a tight ship of fun activities and a safe, if uneasy space. She tells a tail of Bluebeard (Tristan Sturrock), a dark and alluring magician who holds terrible secrets. Three characters...

Steve Coogan in Greed

Greed: Film Review

E. M. Forster’s famous two-word exhortation, “Only Connect” appears onscreen to top and tail writer/director Michael Winterbottom’s latest work, ‘Greed’. You might want to connect the life story of Winterbottom’s egregiously avaricious...

a little space presented by Gecko and Mind the Gap (photo by Tom Woollard)

A little space: Review

A little space is a delicately ambitious collaboration between production companies Gecko and Mind the Gap. The former explores the use of physical theatre to express motion and emotion, whereas the latter is internationally renowned for championing...