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Comedian Sam Avery

Sam Avery aka The Learner Parent talks Toddlergeddon

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Comedian Sam Avery aka The Learner Parent and dad of twins talks to Quays Life about his new show Toddlergeddon.

Tell us a bit about your new show, Toddlergeddon. What’s it about and how did you go about writing it?
Sam: “It’s 90 mins of the best stand up I’ve written and with this show, I’m focusing on the transition from nurturing a baby to trying to set your toddler off on the right course for the rest of their life. Which is a pretty hefty job we all have to take on! Oh, and there’s poo jokes too. I’m always noting down ideas and thoughts about the way we all act in certain situations, so I just went back to that”.

Comedian Sam Avery Toddlergeddon
Comedian Sam Avery Toddlergeddon

How do you decide which stories about your sons to tell and which not to?
Sam: “I didn’t want the show to just be a stand-up version of ‘Kids Say the Funniest Things’ so I’ve only included a few stories about them. A lot of the show is exploring how we deal with the situations that toddlers put us in and why they might act like that”.

You are well-known for being the The Learner Parent. Do others now come to you for sage-like wisdom?
Sam: “Anyone who comes to me for advice needs their kids taking off them”.

What did your wife think when you said you wanted to do comedy about the boys?
Sam: “I’m not even sure we discussed it as it was just a given that I’d talk about it. I’ve always tended to cover the things that are happening in my life at that point”.

What advice would you give to other comedy dads?
Sam: “Give up. This turf is mine”.

Would you like your sons to follow in their dad’s footsteps and become comedians too?
Sam: “I just want them to be happy and find something they love doing. If that’s comedy, then good luck to them. And maybe they can get their own back on me at some point in the future”.

What’s the hardest part of raising twins and raising the twins plus doing comedy?
“Logistics. Just planning the week and who is doing what is really tricky sometimes. My wife has a very demanding job so we have to juggle a lot of stuff but we make it work”.

Comedian Sam Avery
Comedian Sam Avery

Between parenting and touring, do you ever find time to relax?
“Touring is so relaxing for me. Loads of time on trains and in hotels. Bliss! Although I tend to spend most of the time writing or making videos anyway”.

What do you want to tell your sons who are most likely reading this on the internet in 2030?
Sam: “Daddy is sorry but without me, you wouldn’t have gone to University”.

What’s your favourite dad joke?
Sam: “What bee produces milk?

Sam Avery: Toddlergeddon is at The Lowry on 22 February 2020. For full tour details visit www.thelearnerparent.com

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