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Ginger Fox Corks Family Card Game For All Ages: Review

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Corks is a quick-fire game in which the simple object is to ensure you end the round holding a cork. But don’t underestimate the wit, speed, and competitive spirit this little game will uncover.

The neat little box contains 15 brightly coloured wooden champagne cork shaped playing pieces (hence the name) and 56 cards that are enough to allow 14 people to participate in a game at once.


There are three different variations on the game named Classic Corks, Colour-match Corks and 5-Lives Corks. Handily, the makers Ginger Fox have the rules for all three printed on the box so they won’t go astray. They all require someone to obtain four matching colour cards before that person removes a cork from the table either sneakily or brazenly. At that point it is a mad rush for everyone else to pinch a cork.

The Classic version is the fastest of the three games and can be over in a matter of seconds.
Colour-match Corks requires the initial cork-grabber to match their cork with their cards and will take a minute or so to find a winner.

feels like this could be an ideal drinking game

5-Lives Corks is an extension to Classic Corks where, as the name suggests, everyone begins with 5 lives and is played until the two finalists are the only ones with lives remaining.

The final round of all versions is a head-to-head battle of wits and speed given that both contestants will get a set of matching cards at the same time, at which point it is a race to nab the golden cork.

The game can become somewhat hectic with three players so I imagine a double-digit contingent could develop into a rather rowdy free for all. In my house there tended to be a bit of tug-of-war thrown in when two of us managed to snatch hold of either end of the last cork.

Suitable for ages six and over, every version of the game is easy to understand and explain, speedy to set up and fun to play. It therefore feels like this could be an ideal drinking game. Much of the enjoyment comes from the tactical nature of the final round and trying to second guess your opponent’s plans. The fast turnover of rounds does mean the joy of winning and the frustration of losing is shared between the players so all enjoy it.

If you are looking for a quick game that will bring out your competitive nature, then give Corks a pop.


Ginger Fox Corks Family Card Game For All Ages costs £14.99 from Amazon

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