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Geomag magnetic construction toy: Review

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With a plethora of construction toys on the market it can be difficult to decide which toy to purchase. Geomag is a magnetic construction toy that is made of metal balls and magnetic rods coated in 100% recycled plastic.

The Swiss made Geomag Classic set comes with two plastic base plates (square and pentagon) which can be used to provide some additional stability and to stop the balls on the base moving while a build is underway.


The simple premise of sticks and balls allows any number of two or three dimensional shapes to be assembled with ease.

As with the best construction toys, there is enjoyment to be had in deciding and building the structure initially and then playing with the final result. It is so quick to create the construct once you have chosen the build.

Younger children can learn their geometric shapes with the set and the instructions which cover basic shapes and platonic solids. They can also improve their STEM skills by testing the polarity and strengths of the magnets.

There are many different models included in the leaflet with straightforward diagrams but they are only a fraction of the designs that can be made. My 9-year-old co-reviewer had fun making the geometric shapes and his own versions of DogMan and Phineas and Ferb.

Geomag has some advantages over many of its rivals. The set can be packed into two very portable sized boxes (imagine a 1cm thick credit card sized box) which hold 8 or 12 balls and rods.

Geomag in handy storage boxes
Geomag in handy storage boxes

Now that indoor dining is opening back up, this is a great toy to take out and about to keep children amused while waiting for their food. The speed of construction is fast but more importantly, the speed of demolition is rapid, and you would be able to neatly put the set away within 15 seconds.

Additional sets can be purchased to allow for larger and more elaborate builds. Although Geomag do have a range suitable for children from birth, Geomag Classic is aimed at those over three due to the small parts, but these sturdy sets would see a child all through primary school.

The Geomag 42 Piece Eco Classic Colour Set costs £27 from TheToyShop.com and is suitable for ages 3+.

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