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Blue Bee-ter
Blue Bee-ter

We Love to Bee In The City

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Manchester 2018 is celebrating the year of the giant bee and the city is buzzing on it.

Across the region more than 230 colourful sculptures are waiting to bee discovered and at Quays Life we are loving the hunt.

Each sculpture on the trail is unique, designed and painted by a different artist. If you’re in the Quays you can pick up a trail map from the Lowry Outlet information desk or download it from the Bee In The City website.

Gravit-Bee by Lauren Buffery


Alongside the wonderful art work, the trail is also a great way to explore the city on foot. The worker bee has long been a symbol of Manchester, forming part of the coat of arms given to the city in 1842 in recognition of the ‘hives of activity’ in the textile mills of its industrial heritage. Once you start walking you’ll no doubt notice the symbol dotted everywhere you go around the city.

Since the Manchester Arena bomb attack on 22 May 2017, the worker bee has come to the fore once again as a symbol of unity and strength of spirit in the city.

It is great to see this positivity  coming through in messages from the swarm of 18 little bees designed by local schools and youth groups, on display on the first floor of the Lowry Outlet.

Bee the best. Bee Amazing. Bee Mindful. Welly Bee-ing. Bee-lieve and Succeed.

Remember this? It’s almost 15 years since Manchester hosted the Cow Parade, a public art trail of painted cows across the city. If you look to the right when travelling on the Metrolink into town from Salford Quays, you can still spot one of the cows grazing on a roof. Did you buy one of the cows? If you did, where is it now? We’d love to see a picture.

Bee in the City is across Manchester from 23 July to 23 September 2018. Visit Bee in the City website for details.

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