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Photo by Marianne from Pexels
Photo by Marianne from Pexels

Why home vacations can be a wonderful choice

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As the world slowly begins to open-up, many of us are considering what travel options are on the horizon, and how to make the most of them. That said, with talk of a possible third wave of Covid-19, many are still cautious and may wish to wait a little longer to see how things develop.

With overseas holidays still being actively discouraged we’ve looked at the many choices a UK staycation can bring. But what about a true staycation – one where you holiday from home?

After more than a year where many of us have been confined to our homes for work, rest, and play, we can understand why this might not sound appealing. But there are more advantages to holidaying at home than simply saving money. Spending time off at home, as if it were a real holiday, can help us to view our locality with fresh eyes, finding something new to explore every day. But to truly enjoy the time we also need to prepare our home to create room for entertaining in a different way and to help us make the most of any green or outdoor space.

Here are some ideas for enjoying a home-from-home holiday in the best way possible.

Make The Most Of The Sun

Life always feels better when the sun is shining. And this year, whatever size your outdoor space, investing in it has never felt more important. The humble barbecue is always a top favourite on a summer’s day. But if you’re looking for something different, an outdoor pizza oven or meat grill gives a reason to step outside of the everyday kitchen chores and enjoy the home in a whole new way.
For those who like to take their home comforts outside, rattan sofas are an excellent choice for chilled out reading in the sun. And for younger ones who are looking for a more active time, oversized board games, crafts, sandpit or an outdoor pool can be just the trick to add a holiday feel.

Cooking on a meat grill outdoors
Photo by Z Grills Australia on Unsplash

Homestyle Glamping

Camping in the garden has always been a favourite for families with little children. But in these crazy times any excuse to feel we’ve spent some time away is welcome. Purchasing a large family tent can bring with it a sense of vacation, but if you’re not sure camping is for you there is no need to invest a lot. Renting provides lots of options from a large teepee tent, to a mobile motorhome, which is good for days out as well as preparing for longer trips and a freer vacation.

Friends glamping
Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

Night at the Movies

While our home surroundings might have become all too familiar over the past year, socialising with those nearest and dearest to us has become something we are ready for as much as any holiday. An outdoor movie night can be a great way to make your guests feel like their visit is an event. Outdoor projectors range in price but can be bought for under £150. Renting is also an option. And if you’re worried about a wall for your screen a weighted sheet on a washing line can work just fine in the right conditions.

Outdoor cinema
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

A Cool Retreat

After fun in the sun there is nothing better than finding somewhere cool and peaceful to retreat to. In the USA, 24 hour AC Repair and other services, are necessary home conveniences to prevent the heat from becoming punishing summers. Whether you keep the temperature comfortable by using air conditioning, an electric fan or free-flowing fresh air, make sure there is one part of the home which feels cool and fresh. Before starting your home-from-home holiday, make sure this retreat space is cleared of anything that could remind you of work. Think also about creating a space for children that is both new and special for them. That could be part of a room indoors or constructed Wendy house, where they can develop their own sense of peace and living space as part of the holiday.

Child painting a Wendy House
Photo by Tatiana Syrikova from Pexels
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