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Huckleberry Leaf Cards
Huckleberry Leaf Cards

Ace this summer with outdoor toys for little adventurers

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No matter what the weather, it is always hard to drag kids away from the excitement of their screens. So, if the summer sunshine isn’t enough to entice your little ones away from their digital devices, our 10-year-old reviewer has tried out some of Huckleberry’s range of adventure toys aimed at getting youngsters outside into the fresh air and closer to nature.

Huckleberry Cable Transport

Our little reviewer had hours of fun with this cable car kit that uses a pulley system to transport a little wooden basket between two points. The kit comes with plenty of strong rope included, which means there is lots of scope for trying this out between trees, tables, or posts. This simple toy is practical, fun and encourages a curiosity about engineering and how things work as well as sparking the imagination ¬– just think of what we could do with this if we had a real tree house.

Huckleberry Cable Transport costs £19.20 from Conscious Craft

Huckleberry Popcorn Maker

If you are planning a camping trip this popcorn maker will help you serve up delicious snacks in minutes. But you don’t need a campfire to enjoy this cooking gadget. Not wanting to start any fires that could risk spreading during such a dry spell we used a gas hob. It worked just as well, was huge fun when it started popping, and is now certain for year-round use. Two teaspoons of popcorn kernels make the perfect amount for a special movie night.

Huckleberry Popcorn Maker costs £18 from Kikkerland

Huckleberry Sand Tools

If you’re heading to the beach the Huckleberry sand tools are great for making shapes and textures to add extra detail to sand castles and other creations. The set includes a 3-sided rake for creating stairs, waves, and other textures; a brush to sweep away loose sand, and a smoothing tool for making walls, and smoothing out tricky bits.

Huckleberry Sand Tools costs £15.35 from Conscious Craft

Huckleberry Leaf Cards

Playing cards are a toy that span the generation divide. Here they’ve been given a new look, with an easy to hold shape and a sturdy container to keep all 52 cards safe. It was lovely to see our little reviewer learning new card games from his grandparents and to watch how much fun he got out of playing them.

Huckleberry Leaf Cards costs £9.60 from Conscious Craft.

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