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Connetix Tiles UK 62-Piece Set
Connetix Tiles UK 62-Piece Set

Connetix Magnetic Tiles: Toy Review

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From a multi-coloured fox to a cathedral, our young reviewer’s imagination explores the world of Connetix magnetic tiles.

Kid’s review

Connetix Tiles are a range of colourful magnetic shapes that can be used to create both flat and 3-D structures.

The tiles come in a good range of shapes and sizes providing plenty of options for little one’s imaginations. The tiles opaque nature means that the light reflects through them giving a beautiful appearance, almost like stained-glass.

The toy can help children to learn about shapes and colours as well as build cognitive skills such as spatial awareness and hand-eye co-ordination. But added to that they are both fun and relaxing to use.

The tiles are made from non-toxic ABS plastic that is BPA, lead and phthalate free and feel quite sturdy. We were able to build a three-level structure, with the magnets clicking together simply.

In a fast-paced, low attention span world, Connetix tiles provide a relaxed form of focused play that stimulates through tapping into children’s creativity and engaging their imagination with shapes, noise, colour, and touch – snapping the magnetic tiles together was like playing with a fidget toy.

The set comes with an Inspiration book to give some ideas to get started. While this is helpful, be aware that you won’t be able to create everything in the book from one set. It looks like the Inspiration book is standard across the different sets rather than specific to the rainbow set we have.

Connetix Tiles UK 62-Piece Set
Connetix Tiles UK 62-Piece Set

The set also comes with a drawstring cloth bag to keep the tiles in one place. For little kids this is a great idea because they don’t need to spend time working out how to place them back into a box, because they can all just go in together and are study enough not to break by being stored in this way.

The tiles can be used from age 3 upwards. But as our young reviewer found, if you are looking for relaxing play these creative toys can be enjoyed at any age.

Connetix Tiles UK 62-Piece Set is £65 from Connetixtiles.com

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