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Magicube Blocks and Cards 16 Piece Set
Magicube Blocks and Cards 16 Piece Set

Magicube Blocks and Cards 16 Piece Set: Toy Review

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The wonder of play is seeing a child take a set of building blocks and visualise anything from a barn to an elephant. But sometimes it can be good to add some inspiration to get the spark of creativity flowing.

Kid’s view

The new set from Geomag’s early years Magicube now comes with a set of 6 colourful, double-sided cards to build little one’s confidence in creating any number of shapes and creatures from the blocks. Card ideas include a shrimp’s tail, a hot air balloon and a centipede. And once your child has got started with these, you’ll be surprised at just how many more ideas start to flow.

Earlier sets, such as the Animals set, came with an instructional booklet of ideas, but the cards are much more robust and easier to use for the age range at which it is aimed. The cards are also created to encourage different levels of challenge, with shapes on cards increasing in complexity from 1 colour and 1 shape to 3 colours and 3 shapes for the child to match.

Magicube are the starter set from the magnetic toy maker Geomag. Aimed at ages 2-5 the chunky blocks are easy to for small hands to grip. They are educational as well as fun, supporting children with hand-to-eye coordination, spatial awareness, and motor skills.

The blocks are magnetic so snap together to hold a shape. However, while the magnets are strong enough to give a child a satisfying snap sound, they are not too strong that it isn’t very easy for very little ones to separate them and put them back together without any risk of trapping tiny hands.

This set comes with 10 blocks, but once a child gets used to playing with them more sets can be added to create larger structures, including sets with wheels for creating movement.

Our mini-reviewer, while old for these toys now, was used to playing with previous versions as a child, and gave the new card version a big thumbs-up for added kid friendly design.

Geomag Magicube 16 Piece Blocks & Cards Set is available from Coolshop for £30.

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