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Dantoy Blue Marine Toys
Dantoy Blue Marine Toys

Eco-friendly sustainable toys are winners all round

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These days it is not only adults who are concerned about what toys are made of and how they are produced. Children are increasingly conscious of the climate crisis and are keen to prevent any further negative impact of humans on the environment – and that includes the plastic in their toys. That’s what makes this new range of sustainable toys from Dantoy all round winners, popular with children and toy industry experts alike.

The Danish toy producer recently picked up the Toy Industry of Europe’s silver award “Play for change sustainability” for its latest Blue Marine toy collection.

The Blue Marine Toys are made from discarded plastics from the fishing industry, from old nets, trawls, and ropes which have been turned into sand and water toys for young children. The set comes in a net bag which encourages conversations about the origin of the toys, making links to the importance of recycling and cleaning the oceans.

Dantoy’s Blue Marine toys

Dantoy’s other ranges also support sustainable toys for early learning and child development. The company’s BIOplastic Baking set for kids is versatile in that it can be used to make real edible cookies from dough as well as role-playing for very young children, rolling out modelling clay or making shapes in sand.

This eco-friendly toy set, made from 90% sugarcane, includes a rolling pin, a whisk, 2 bowls and dough cutters. Whisking, rolling and cutting out fun shapes helps to support fine motor skills, learning play and imaginative fun, as well as encouraging children to learn about renewable plant-based materials that offer a greener way to play.

Dantoy BIOplastic Bio Baking Gift Set £10 from Smyths

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