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Geomag Glitter
Geomag Glitter

Geomag Glow and Geomag Glitter: Toy Review

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Geomag World has been creating toys since 1998. Even with all the digital technology we have today these magnetic construction toys still have the power to keep kids entertained for hours away from screens.

The Geomag Glow and Geomag Glitter are two new lines that add an extra dimension to the popular panel and rod building sets.

Both sets were a hit with our 10-year-old reviewer, who was fascinated by the ‘magical powers’ of the Geomag glow rods to light up after dark, and loved the vibrant colours of the Geomag Glitter, which has become a new favourite.

The toys come with their own neat storage box to keep the small parts, particularly the magnetic balls, safe. They are also interchangeable with other Geomag products. So if you have a set already this can be used to create larger and more colourful creations.

As with all Geomag products there is an instruction booklet that offers suggestions on the kinds of shapes you can make. But coupled with a child’s imagination the options are endless.

As well as supporting STEM.org educational play, the toys are also a good way to introduce discussions about care for the planet and recycling. The glow toys are made from 100% recycled plastic, the packaging uses more than 70% recycled materials and only renewable energy sources are used in the production process.

The Geomag Glow Recycled 42 Piece Set is available for £34.99 and Geomag Glitter (535) 35 Piece Magnetic Construction Set £26 both from The Entertainer

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