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Travel Wild Guess by Cheatwell
Travel Wild Guess by Cheatwell

Pocket-sized travel games for kids and adults: toy review

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Whether you are going on a long-haul flight, a night at the grandparents or out for a meal, a trip is always more fun for the kids if there is a game involved. We tried out three pocket-sized travel games that are small in size but big on entertainment for all ages.

Travel Wild Guess

The game is exactly as it sounds – it is a quiz where everyone has a wild guess at the answer and the closest guess to the answer wins the points. All answers are numeric, with questions such as: what is the distance between the north and south poles in kilometres. This game is great for a relaxing family quiz that everyone can enjoy. It is highly unlikely that someone will know the exact answer to a question. The answer is literally anyone’s guess and for some questions the wilder the guess the closer you will be.

Kid’s view

Cheatwell Games Travel Wild Guess £9 from Amazon

Travel Family Quiz Night

Cheatwell’s Family Quiz Night is a rare gem of a game that really can be enjoyed by all ages. The questions cover 8 popular quiz topics such as movies, science and nature and history. However, where this differs from traditional quiz games is that the question cards include two sets of questions, one for adults and a different multiple-choice question for kids. This means the whole family can get fully involved in the quiz, giving everyone fair stakes in the game.

Cheatwell Games Travel Family Quiz Night £13 from Amazon

On the Go Games

As it says on the tin, this is a compact set of games that is ideal for travels or taking to play with friends and relatives. Card games work well for all ages, and these cards are attractive colours and well made. The pack also includes 6 dice and comes with instructions for three dice games: Chicago, Going to Boston, and Midnight.

On-The-Go Games by Kikkerland £10 from The RNLI Shop

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