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Audrey (Jena Malone) in Adopting Audrey.

Adopting Audrey: Film Review

Adopting Audrey (known as Porcupine on the festival circuit) opens with our protagonist, Audrey (played by Jena Malone) laughing. It’s a cold open of sorts. We come back to this moment later in the movie though it doesn’t have the weight or...

Schemers Conor DJ booth

Schemers: Film Review

A Scottish film with an opening scene featuring our hero (a working class lad called Davie) running down the street, hotly pursued by an irate adversary, might put you in mind of Danny Boyle’s adaptation of Irving Welsh’s Trainspotting. Trailer The...


Tenet: Film Review

When I was young, if someone exhibited a peculiar phobia or obsession, people used to say his mother must have been frightened by something associated with that obsession during pregnancy. I can only conclude that Christopher Nolan’s mum was...