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How to maximise your box set bingeing

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Terrific TV has been the entertainment saviour of the past 18 months. Those who had never binge-watched before found themselves hooked in front of the screen to learn the fate of Joe Exotic in Netflix’s superhit, Tiger King. And the binge-watching didn’t stop there, with many streaming shows across multiple platforms.

From French mystery thriller Lupin to post-apocalyptic fantasy drama, Sweet Tooth, there are new series for us to binge-watch every day. But as the world begins to emerge from the pandemic how do you choose?

Prioritise Your Content

Psychology Today reports the main reasons for box-set bingeing are to catch up on TV series that were missed when they first aired; avoid having to watch adverts (and save time), and avoid waiting to see what happens next. Saving time seems almost a contradiction to binge-watch marathons, but it seems more people are using the time to prioritise their viewing.

Anyone who has spent an age scrolling through guides will appreciate the use of wish lists. When there is so much to choose from it is important to prioritise content. This can also help you to keep focused, so you become aware of how much TV you are watching and when.

Build a list of ‘must-watch’ TV shows and movies so you can access them quickly. When checking new additions, also be aware that some content is only available on different platforms for a limited time.

Find the best plaform for you

The best way to enjoying TV binge fests is to have a range of different options to choose from, with many households now subscribing to more than one service. There are lots of different streaming platforms available, including, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, Apple TV, Britbox, Sky – all hosting different content and all vying for our time and attention. Most platforms offer trials before joining so you can sample what’s on offer and decide which is if the best fit for you. Tv Guide lists what’s new on different platforms each month, but remember content varies between different countries.

Go Mobile

As more of us begin to head back to the office, a box-set binge can make your daily commute less of a bind. Being organised and downloading in advance will save on data use. Many platforms have their own apps. Or you can use a video-downloader such as Vidmate app, which also provides access to more than 200 TV which you can stream live in HD without purchasing a premium subscription.

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