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Company Chameleon
Company Chameleon Photo by Joel Chester Fildes

Company Chameleon give free performances as part of Space to Speak project

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Company Chameleon is premiering its new work, Void in free performances at Hulme park.

The performance is part of a triple-bill called Space to Speak, a dance and wellbeing project which the Manchester-based Dance Company has been working on with local young people, from Trinity High School and Z-arts, to reflect their thoughts, feelings and experiences of the pandemic.

Kevin Edward Turner, Co-Artistic Director, Company Chameleon said: “Wellbeing is at the heart of this project and the project has given the young people the opportunity to talk about their experiences of lockdown and express their thoughts and feelings through dance and movement.

“We know it’s good to talk and that sharing feelings helps us process experiences. I really hope the families and people who join us at the festival, are inspired by the performances, and what they see encourages them to reflect and talk about these times.”

Company Chameleon
Company Chameleon Photo by Joel Chester Fildes

The Triple Bill opens with young people from Z-arts, performing their creation, In Waves, which includes music by Aphex Twin and involves dancers sharing little books of their favourite lockdown memories.
Next young people from Trinity High School perform Space, a creative exploration and expression of personal experiences of lockdown, which has been developed through workshops with Company Chameleon.

The final piece in the triple bill is the premiere of Company Chameleon’s new duet, Void choreographed by Kevin Edward Turner. The male and female duet, performed by Company Chameleon’s dancers, explores the space created by Covid and lockdown, and what has moved into that space – both good and bad.

Space to Speak is part of Z-Arts Summer of Play, a programme of free and low-cost family shows and events throughout the summer to encourage families to enjoy the outdoors and get involved in arts events. Events include I Love My Bike, a fun-filled day based around cycling; local community festival, Hulme is Where the Art Is and Schlomo’s Beatbox Adventure for Kids.

Company Chameleon’s Triple Bill, Space to Speak is at Hulme Park on Saturday 26 June (weather permitting). There are two free performances at 2pm and 4pm. No booking is required. Performances will not go ahead if it is raining.

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