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Silhouette of family on the beach
Silhouette of family on the beach

Spring break 101: 5 fun family activities to do with kids during COVID-19

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Since spring break 2020, COVID-19 has posed challenges to all aspects of daily life. Children, especially, have had a stressful time with learning, health, and separation from friends. With plans for 2020 being disrupted for most families, this spring break gives you a chance to get some rest, bond with family, and shake up the quarantine routine. The following are fun activities that you can engage in with kids safely to enjoy your spring break during COVID-19.

Go road-tripping

Traveling to faraway destinations isn’t much of an option right now as you try to keep your family safe. However, you can still use this break to see a few places in your home country that you’ve never visited. Plan a road trip with your family and map out the best route to use, where there’s a lot of scenery you can enjoy. Create a playlist with your favourite music, carry some snacks, hand sanitiser, and a camera. Make stops along the road, enjoy views, and take as many photos as possible.

Photo by Mark Stosberg on Unsplash
Photo by Mark Stosberg on Unsplash

Travel abroad virtually

Exploring different parts of the world is an excellent way for you and your kids to learn about cultural diversity. During the spring break, although it’s challenging to travel overseas, find safe means to explore other countries that interest you. Visit continents like Africa to see their nature, wildlife, and culture, watch movies, and practice their language all in the comfort of your home.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Go camping

Camping is a fun way to enjoy nature when you can’t go on a cruise or visit overcrowded places. Find a suitable camping ground, create a setup for your family, and bring essentials to keep everyone comfortable. Nature can soothe rattled nerves and provides an escape from your usual routine at home and around electronics. Carry fun games, fishing gear, musical instruments, and smores to roast as you tell each other stories.

Photo by Leon Contreras on Unsplash
Photo by Leon Contreras on Unsplash

Rent a holiday home

After being home for a long time, you can get quarantine fatigue. Your kids get tired of being in the same environment where they’ve been studying and you, where you’ve been working. Take advantage of this spring break to get a change of scenery by spending it on a self-catering break. Money-saving mum Holly Smith has found 14 cheaper alternatives to Center Parcs Holidays with nearby attractions like parks and museums and to-die-for amenities.

Play games

During spring break, plan for moments where you and your kids can play fun games indoors or outdoors safely. Include crossword puzzles, chessboard games, cards, charades, and be competitive about it with rewards for the winner. Invite friends and other family members to join your game time virtually to make it more interesting and catch up with them. If you have a lot of room outside, play basketball, jump ropes, badminton, tennis, or hide and seek with the kids.

Photo by Lukas from Pexels
Photo by Lukas from Pexels

Bottom line

Go into the spring break prepared and ready to have fun with your kids. Although last year’s plans for the spring break were interrupted, there’s a chance to make this one better by playing games, taking your kids on a road trip, camping, traveling virtually on an African Safari, and changing the environment by going to a vacation home.

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