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The best accessible days out in the north west

iFLY Indoor Skydiving, Manchester

Instructor and child
Instructor and child

Indoor skydiving gives you all the thrill of free-fall ‘flying’ without any of the dangers. There are very few reasons why you wouldn’t be able to take part. These are clearly listed on the website and include weighing more than 18 stone (114 kg) or having previously dislocated your shoulder. In the main though, the activity is open to a wide range of ages and abilities, welcoming flyers from aged 3-103,  including those with physical disabilities.

There’s a 20 minute briefing session before you get kitted out with a helmet, flight suit and goggles. The activity takes place in a flight chamber, where you are suspended on a column of air, giving the sensation of flying. The instructor stays with you the whole time; all you need to do is lean into the wind and take flight. A carer is permitted to enter the flying zone with you (free of charge), though not into the flight chamber itself.

For more details visit www.iflyworld.co.uk

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