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The best accessible days out in the north west

Sandcastle Waterpark, Blackpool

Sandcastle Waterpark, Blackpool
Sandcastle Waterpark, Blackpool

Opposite the Pleasure Beach on the sea side of the promenade, Sandcastle Waterpark is the UK’s largest indoor waterpark and really does have something for everyone. To help plan your visit the website lists detailed information about its facilities for people with mobility, hearing or visual impairments. And once inside, specially trained members of the team are on hand to provide advice and support, including looking after guide/assistance dogs while you enjoy the pools.

The website has a helpful guide to help prepare people with autism for the sights, sounds, tastes, textures and smells that they may experience during their visit. The park also offers familiarisation visits, has a quiet hour at the beginning of the day when tannoy announcements and music etc are minimal, and a quiet room for those who want to retreat for a while from the bustle of the waterpark.

Visit sandcastle-waterpark.co.uk for more details.

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Carmel Thomason
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Written by Carmel Thomason