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Geomag confetti
Geomag confetti

GEOMAG Confetti 88 pieces: Toy Review

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GEOMAG Confetti is another colourful edition to this popular range of magnetic construction toys.

In the video below our 10-year-old reviewer tries out the latest set and enjoys experimenting with polarity to make a spinning mobile.

Video review

This set comes with rods in a wide variety of colours. Unlike other sets it doesn’t come with the purpose built, handy-sized, storage boxes. Instead the magnetic balls and rods are packed in polystyrene boxes, which aren’t as practical for reuse. We would have liked to see them using the same recycled plastics, as they do for the Geomag panels, to produce a tidy-away box to keep the different parts safe. And this is an intention for this environmentally aware company longer term – to cut styrofoam use and replace with a reusable box made of hard 100% recycled plastics to ensure protection and durability for the different parts.

The set comes with a small booklet with some ideas of different structures you can build and shapes you can create. But the real pleasure here is getting creative while experimenting with the push and pull of magnetic fields and learning about the strengthening effect of triangulation on structures.

The toy is recommended for ages 3+ because of the nature of the small pieces that could be swallowed. However, it is also suitable for much older children it encourages learning in a playful way, supporting the development of STEM skills (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

This 88 piece set is an exciting addition to the Geomag construction world. It can be enjoyed on its own or with other sets from the collection as the many Geomag sets are compatible.

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