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Geomag Mechanics Gravity Loops and Turns: Toy Review

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Kids will love experimenting with Geomag Mechanics to build unusual shapes and playthings, developing their STEM skills while having fun, writes Paul Thomason

The Geomag Mechanics Gravity Loops and Turns set is a construction toy that allows children to fire metal spheres around tracks of their own creation. The metal spheres are compatible with those from the Geomag Classic series.

Each element of the circuit is made with 74% recycled plastic in lime green, teal, orange, white or clear plastic. To retain the balls on the course, the sides of the tracks have a high curved edge and the ball bearings move about like they are a child zipping down a waterslide.

Magnetic cannons fire the balls around the track so when one sphere reaches the cannon a ball on the other side is propelled around by track by the difference in polarity. This propulsion is powerful enough to get the ball to perform a full 360 degree loop and continue around the track.

It isn’t immediately intuitive as to how each of the 15 types of pieces join to one another but the 32 page instruction booklet is packed with clear diagrams of the correct ways to link the different structural elements together and how to make them interact. Once you’ve quickly mastered the basics, connecting the components and making elaborate routes for the balls to travel along is straightforward.

There are enough pieces to make an assortment of different tracks and you are not restricted to making the one outlined in the booklet. Children will get a lot of satisfaction using their STEM skills to determine how steep they can set the ramp or how far the cannon can fire.

Even when the set wasn’t being used to create circuits, my son had great fun experimenting with the connector pieces building unusual shapes and playthings.

The set can also be joined with one or more of the other Geomag Mechanics Gravity sets that are available such as the Race Track or Gravity Motor using the Easy Combo System to produce larger circuits and more elaborate movement. This particular Loops and Turns set is aimed at children of 8 and over but there are other Geomags Mechanics Gravity sets that are suitable for those 7 and above.

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