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The Quay's majestic heron
The Quay's majestic heron

5 sights to cheer you up on the Quays this summer

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The Goose who thinks he’s a Swan

The goose who thinks he's a swan
The goose who thinks he’s a swan


The large brown Canadian Geese and graceful white swans have become a familiar sight on the Quays. But have you noticed a single white domestic goose among them? We don’t know how  he arrived here, but he likes to hang out with the swans and they seem to like him too.

Bee In The City

Blue Bee-ter
Blue Bee-ter

How can you resist the huge eyes of the Blue Bee-ter bee? We’ve been hypnotised by this bee-autiful sculpture – one of 230 in the Bee In City public art trail. There are 23 bees located around Salford Quays and each one is uniquely enchanting and guaranteed to make you smile.

Flaming red hot pokers

Red hot poker flowers
Red hot poker flowers

These stunning red hot pokers can be found brightening up the walk behind the astroturf pitch opposite Booths.

Mr Totem pole

Totem Pole at MediaCityUK


This little fella can easily be missed. Hidden behind a tree in front of the Blue Peter Garden this mini-totem pole is the perfect hiding home for bugs.

The solitary heron

The Quay's majestic heron
The Quay’s majestic heron


The Quays’ heron is a majestic sight to see. You’ll often catch him waiting patiently at the waterside near the Holiday Inn Express. When in flight this tall bird is an impressive sight with a wing-span of 175-198cm.

Written by
Carmel Thomason
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Written by Carmel Thomason