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Essential travel planning for a safe and enjoyable trip

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The Government’s green list holiday destinations is the news we’ve all been waiting for. But in the rush to book a trip with no quarantine, don’t forget the essential planning for a safe and enjoyable trip. As it’s been such a long time for many of us, here’s a little reminder:

Prepare for the season and weather

Weather and climate are always essential factors to consider. It sounds obvious, but we’ve seen people visiting glaciers in shorts and sandals. Well it was summer! But unfortunately for those shivering tourists, they had thought summer meant sun, wherever they headed, and hadn’t checked ahead to pack clothes suitable for the trip.

If you are prone to seasonal allergies, check what pollen levels are like where you are going and what pollens might be in the air at that time.

Unfortunately, we can’t choose the exact weather for our trip, but know if the usual temperature for the time of year is 4°C or 40°C and prepare for that.

Plan activities and tours

For most of us, going on any sort of trip outside the home is exciting after being stuck inside for so long. But when booking your trip, consider booking tours and other activities in advance to enhance the experience. Private tours can take you off the beaten track, and show you sights you wouldn’t normally get to see. To find a professional guide in the UK, visit the British Guild of Tourist Guides.

When planning a trip, always take the time to research things to see and do while you are there and add must-see destinations and adventures to your itinerary. There is nothing more disappointing than travelling hundreds of miles only to find the must-see site or activity you’ve been looking forward to is fully booked. Planning ahead will help you make the most of your trip and hopefully not come home with regrets that you missed out because the activity you were looking forward to had no spaces on the day you visited.

Blue Badge Tourist Guide, Laura Rhodes
Blue Badge Tourist Guide, Laura Rhodes

Stick to your budget

It is always vital to ensure that your trip fits your budget. And at the moment some destinations are pricier than might normally have been the case. Research by Butter, the UK’s only Buy Now Pay Later travel agency, has revealed holidaymakers face a higher cost when looking to jet away this summer should they opt for a destination designated as green in the Government’s traffic light tier system.

The research found the average cost of a 7-day trip, to a green-tier destination was £981,  35% more expensive than the average cost of a 7 day holiday in amber tier destinations (£727), which still require up to 10 days self-isolation at home.

It looks like Portugal is likely to be a very popular destination for summer sun-seekers unless we see more nations transition from the amber to green list over the coming months.

For those who have been saving in order to hit the holiday season in style, the good news is that not only is Portugal home to 34 five-star hotels, but according to research by hotel booking platform, Hoo, it also sits mid-table in terms of five-star affordability at £184 per night, compared to Brunei (£184), Australia (£193) and Singapore (£261), and Israel (£300). Iceland (£162) and Gibraltar (£168), also on the green list, had cheaper luxury rates but a much smaller choice of luxury accommodation so it’s likely to be snapped up quickly.

Ponte 25th Abril – from base of Christo Rei, Portugal
Ponte 25th Abril – from base of Christo Rei, Portugal


Travelling should be fun, but sometimes that means once in the holiday mood we can often overlook simple safety precautions we’d take in our everyday lives. Being aware of your surroundings is important for travel in any city, and it is always best to check official government sources before booking for any security or travel warnings you need to be aware of.

If you are planning to travel during the Covid pandemic it is important to take additional precautions. Check ahead to find out what requirements or restrictions are in place, such as mask wearing, and the need for testing and/or quarantine. Although things are looking brighter for summer, remember that the pandemic is still a changing situation, so check for updates before you go.

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