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Why there are benefits to being a local tourist

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The idea of a staycation may seem too close to home to feel like you are truly on holiday. But, being a local tourist has many benefits for all the family, including our four-legged friends.

You can take your dog

Our dogs have supported us more than ever this lockdown, so it seems only fair that as part of the family they get to enjoy our holiday too. Even when booking self-catering cottages, it is important to check in advance that you’re four-legged friend is welcome. Pet friendly holiday homes usually charge a small supplement per dog and are a great choice because there is often much more home from home space than opting for a pet friendly hotel. When travelling with your dog it’s also important to plan ahead, to make sure you have everything your pooch needs for a comfortable stay. For example, you want to make sure you have enough food in case the local store doesn’t have your pet’s usual brand. It also helps to take along a bed and favourite toys so that your dog has something familiar to help them settle.

Image by ? Mabel Amber, who will one day from Pixabay

Support the local economy

Going on holiday in your home country means you are supporting your economy, as well as nearby local economies. You most likely know your country much better than tourists, so it should be easier to seek out the quieter spots which benefit from more tourism to support the locals. But while we are often conscious of supporting local when abroad it sometimes takes more thought to do the same in more familiar surroundings. That said, the same principles apply to local tourism, wherever you choose to take a vacation. Talk to the locals for recommendations, visit independent restaurants and shops, and discover the one-off experiences that are unique to the local area.

Shop local  Photo by Arthur Franklin on Unsplash
St Helens UK Photo by Arthur Franklin on Unsplash

Can be more affordable

Although you might be able to find cheap deals now and again in international countries, they are not always available. Plus, extra fees for insurance and foreign exchange, not to mention any quarantine requirements, can really stretch the budget. When going on a vacation in your home country, you know the local currency and can often find great budget-friendly staycation deals. 

You can book last minute

When you are traveling abroad, it can take a lot of time and preparation to book the flights, accommodation, and activities. With a staycation, it is easier to book more last minute and not have to worry about pre-booking activities if you know the area. You will be more familiar with the culture and availability of places in your local area, which makes booking easier and more relaxed. 

Street in Rye, UK
Rye UK. Photo by Kai Bossom on Unsplash

Cut travel time

Are we nearly there yet? Whatever the journey these are the words on every kid’s lips and when we don’t know where we’re going, if we’re honest, the adults are thinking the same too. If you have a vacation home then life will be made easier for you when it comes to finding accommodation as well as knowing where you need to get to and how long it might take. Knowing you have a dedicated place to go can make the trip as easy as jumping in the car or a hired vehicle, which in Australia can be easily rented from a place like Sydney Ute Van Hire

Cottesloe Beach, Australia
Cottesloe Beach, Australia Photo by Alvin Balemesa on Unsplash

When you fly to a new destination, there is more time involved than just the flight time. It involves getting to the airport, waiting for any delays, and then traveling from the airport to your accommodation. The extra time can double the time of the flight, if not triple it. Whereas when traveling by car or train to vacation closer to home, the time-traveling will be cut dramatically. 

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