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Circus 1903 brings world-leading acts to the Lowry

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Circus fans are in for a treat this autumn as Circus 1903 arrives at The Lowry with some of the most spectacular acts from around the world.

The show promises to transport audiences back to the turn-of-the-century, shortly after the time of Greatest Showman P.T. Barnum.

Expect all the thrills and dare-devil entertainment from the golden age of circus, with acrobats, contortionists, trapeze and high wire performers, and an injection of 21st century special effects and puppetry to bring life-sized elephants to the stage.

We’ve got a sneak preview of some of the amazing acts in store as part of Circus 1903. These include puppet elephants, Queenie and Peanut, created by puppeteers from War Horse, putting elephants back in the ring as never before.

The Elephants
Queenie and Peanut

The event is led by Ringmaster Willy Whipsnade (David Williamson) who will introduce daring duo aerial act ‘The Flying Fredonis’ performed by Russian artists Dasha Shelest and Vadym Pankevych, Cuban hand balancer ‘The Great Rokardy’ (Rokardy Rodriguez); the furious flexible feats of Russian Rolling Ball Hula Hoopist ‘Mademoiselle Natalia’ (Natalia Leontieva), and much-loved mind-bending juggler, ‘The Great Gaston’ (François Borie).

Francois Borie

Dizzying Mongolian duo Ganbayar Munkhbat and Andryei Batbold will bring their Icarian Games act and the Russian Cradle will feature breathtaking performances from ‘Les Incredibles’ (Ivan Formichev and Maria Boldyreva). And prepare for gravity-defying tricks from legendary balancing act Rola Bola by ‘The Sensational Sozonov’ (Russian Mikhail Sozonov and Ukrainian Ievgeniia Fetkulova).

Rola Bola
Mikhail Sozonov & Levgeniia Fetkulova

Also taking to the stage will be, the unrivalled Ethiopian contortionist, ‘The Elastic Dislocationist’ (Senayet Asefa Amare) and the stomach-churning heights of ‘The Daring Desafios’ (trio of Brazilian teeterboard daredevils João Guilherme de Lima Siqueira, Luan de Souza Vieira and Clóvis Hernan Aranguiz dos Santos).

Teeter Board
João Guilherme de Lima, Siqueria Leonardo & Louzada de Freitas

Circus 1903 is at The Lowry, Salford Quays from 19 –24 November 2019.

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