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Western Canada - humpback whale
Western Canada - humpback whale

14 top travel trends for 2019

Upsurge in immersive foodie holidays 

Huw Owen, Managing Director & Co-Founder of Travel Local says: “Dedicated foodies tend not to be interested solely in eating excellent, authentic food these days. They want to engage in a culture, learn from the experts and take home tangible skills. Certain TV shows, such as Parts Unknown, plus the street food boom, have added to the interest in cultural cuisine. There’s nothing stopping us now: we want to make Nasi Bungkus (rice dishes wrapped in a banana leaf) in Indonesia and to tackle Morocco’s traditional almond and spice-filled patisserie in situ in Marrakech.”

TravelLocal offers Georgia’s Foodie Highlights, learning from a local family to make traditional Khashlama (boiled beef with garlic sauce) in a beautiful old town overlooking the Caucasus Mountains. The 7-day trip is from £790 pp (based on two sharing), including B&B, transfers, excursions and the services of a local guide. Flights extra.

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