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Western Canada - humpback whale
Western Canada - humpback whale

14 top travel trends for 2019

The new definition of luxury: Authenticity and staffing

Carolina de Capell Brooke, Product Manager for CV Villas, Morocco says: “This year, we have noticed that increasing numbers of people are looking to combine authentic insight into a destination with the luxury and comfort of a fully-staffed villa. Providing much sought-after privacy, space and sophistication, a staffed villa ensures that visitors can fully relax into their holiday, whilst experiencing a feeling of being closely-connected to the country through local dishes cooked at home by local people. This is a trend we expect to continue long into 2019.”

A week’s stay with CV Villas at Villa Mauresque near Marrakech, Morocco, is priced from £326 pp (based on eight sharing – total price from £2,609). This staffed villa includes a cook, who will prepare three meals a day, and a house manager. Transfers, local guides and flights extra.

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