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Author - Carmel Thomason

All New People at Manchester Opera House

All New People

Having a Hollywood actor in the starring role is always going to be a crowd puller, especially when he’s young and attractive like Zach Braff. Yet it is heart-warming to see that Braff isn’t taking anything for granted, and the effort is...

Natasha Gordon and Demi Oyediran in Speechless Credit Robert Day


The saying that truth is stranger than fiction was never clearer than in Linda Brogan and Polly Teale’s play, Speechless. Inspired by Marjorie Wallace’s best-selling book ‘The Silent Twins’, it tells the true story of...

JB Shorts 6

JB Shorts 6

The basement of Joshua Brooks pub on Princess Street is once again home to JB Shorts. Now in its sixth season, the evening retains its winning formula of six short plays by top TV writers from Coronation Street, Emmerdale and East Enders. This time...

Carlos Acosta Credit Johan Persson

Premieres Plus

It’s inevitable when a show is only on for one or two nights that by the time you read the review it will have travelled elsewhere. However, when it comes to Carlos Acosta it’s safe to say that you would’ve had to get organised more than a few days...